Thursday, 1 September 2011

August Heatwave



It’s been an incredibly hot August, without a spot of rain from the 1st of the month… 40 degrees in the shade most days. Needless to say we have been out early every other morning watering our little veggie babes.

The tomatoes have loved it and we’ve got jars and jars of rich passatta (tomato sauce) plus bags more in the freezer. We’ve had loads of green beans, aubergines and have strung the onions. And the corn on the cob was divine, must do more next year.

Things that haven’t gone so well, are the potatoes (desperately small) and the peppers which have become rather scorched in the soaring heat. So we may need to rethink for next year… we’ve had loads of lovely sweet melons of some friends, so all in all not a bad Summer harvest. Roll on Autumn!

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